Aztec warriors who had captured at least four enemies in battle or if their father was sacrificed became eligible for the ranks of the eagle runner knights or the jaguar prowl knights. Those who chose to become an eagle runner knight wore feathers and a helmet to resemble an eagle head, so that they would look like an eagle. The eagle was a symbol of the sun, the focus of Aztec worship and sacrifice. Eagle runner knights are usually decipted carrying a shield and a spear.
Legendary ERK

An eagle runner knight in white.

Eagle Runner Knight In-Game Edit

The eagle runner knight is an Aztec light infantry unit with an average attack, average hitpoints and average range. It is extremley effective at killing cavalry due to its bonuses, rate of fire, and low population cost. The 1.5 rate of fire of the eagle runner knight theoretically makes its attack two times as effective as a normal unit with a 3 rate of fire because it can attack twice in what, for example, a musketeer can only attack once. Eagle runner knights are countered by heavy infantry attacking in melee, archers, and skirmishers. As with all Aztec units, its effectivness is maximized when the war dance is enabled.

Base Statistics Edit

  • Type: Ranged Infantry, Light Infantry
  • Cost: 75 food, 75 coin, 1 population
  • Build XP: 15
  • Kill XP: 15
  • Hitpoints: 180
  • Speed: 6
  • Resists: 0.30 Ranged
  • Siege Attack: 8 Siege, 6 Range
  • Hand Attack: 9 Melee, x3 vs Cavalry,
  • Ranged Attack: 15 Ranged, 12 Range, x3 vs Cavalry, x0.5 vs Villager

Upgrades Edit

The eagle runner knight has the champion and legendary upgrades, as well as some home city upgrades. However, the fencing school card does not affect it, and therefore it trains very slowly if the fertility dance is not in effect.

  • Knight Attack: +15% Attack
  • Knight Hitpoints: +15% Hitpoints
  • Knight Combat: +15% Attack, +15% Hitpoints
  • Scorched Earth: +50% Siege Attack
  • Great Temple of Tlaloc Support: +4 Range, +4 Line of Sight