Imperial Halberdier

A fully upgraded halberdier in white.

The Halberdier is a heavy infantry unit available to the Dutch, French, Portuguese and Russian civilizations. Armed with a long axe, called a halberd, the Halberdier always attacks in melee, unless it's sieging a building.

Base statistics Edit

  • Type: Hand Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Infantry
  • Cost: 50 food, 70 coin, 1 population
  • Build XP: 12
  • Kill XP: 12
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Resistance: 10% melee
  • Melee damage: 25; 2x vs cavalry; 1.3x versus light infantry 1.5 ROF
  • Siege damage: 32; 6 range; 3.0 ROF
  • Speed: 4

Notes Edit

  • Russian Halberdiers start with -20% hitpoints and damage, and -25% cost
  • The Dutch Halberdier can be upgraded to royal guard status, namely Nassauer, which give them more hitpoints and damage
  • The Halberdier can be upgraded at the Barracks, Church, Arsenal, or via the Home City