The Hussar is a common hand cavalry unit in Age of Empires 3, available to the Spanish, Portuguese, French, British, Dutch and Ottoman civilizations, and through the European consulate, if playing as one of the Asian civilizations. Having a lot of damage and speed, but no range or multipliers, Hussars are best put to use defeating units such as archers, skirmishers and artillery.

Base statistics Edit

  • Cost: 120 food, 80 coin, 2 population
  • Hitpoints: 320
  • Resistance: 20% ranged
  • Melee damage: 30; 1.5 ROF
  • Siege damage: 20; 6 range; 3.0 ROF
  • Speed: 6.5

Strategy Edit

Hussars are commonly used by the British and French civilizations in conjuntion with Musketeers to form the infamous Musketeer+Hussar combination, strong against opposing cavalry and ranged infantry. The Musketeer+Hussar combination is especially strong against the Russian civilization who have poor colonial age anti-cavalry units and their cossacks are downed by musketeers. They are also commonly used to take down opponents cannons, due to their speed and rate of fire. Cannons have no resistance against hand attacks, so they fall much quicker.