Info: Edit

Religious leader who stuns Treasure Guardians and has a chance to do Divine Strike damage in combat.

Explores, fights, and builds Town Centers, Trading Posts, and Shrines. 

Type: Ranged Infantry, Infantry, Sees Stealth

Cost: 166 gold

Kill XP: 45 XP

Build limit: 2

Upradges and Abilities: Edit


- Temporaribly disables a Treasure Guardian.

Smoke Screen

- A cloud of smoke that covers a retreat back to your Home City shipment point.


- Passive Ability: A small change to evade enemy attacks entirely.

Reiki (Monastery)

Avalaible at: Discovery Age

Cost: 200 wood, 100 gold

Japanse Monks gain the ability to heal nearby units.

Intonjutsu Stealth (Monastery)

Avalaible at: Colonial Age

Cost: 200 wood, 200 gold

- Grants Japanese Monks the Stealth ability in addition to a passive Dodge ability.

Kyudo (Monastery)

Avalaible at: Fortress Age

Cost: 500 wood, 500 gold

- Increases the minimun level of hitpoints at which Japanese Monks will use Divine Strike against a target.

Kayakujutsu (Monastery)

Avalaible at: Industrial Age

Cost: 350 wood, 350 gold

- Enables Sabotage ability for Japanese Monks. Use it to cause great damage to buildings.

Mountain Warrior (Card)

Avalaible at: Discovery Age

- Monk attack and hitpoints increased. Japanese Monks get greater resource rewards from Treasures.

- Monk: Changes all actions damage by 50.00%

- Monk: Changes hitpoints by 50.00%

- Monk: Changes Sabotage attack by -50.00%

Stream of Enlightment (Card)

Avalaible at: Fortress Age

Enemy units nearby Japanese Monks have less attack.