Legendary Jaguar Knight

A legendary jaguar prowl knight in white.

Aztec warriors who had captured at least four enemies in battle became eligible for the ranks of the eagle runner knights or the jaguar prowl knights. Those who chose to become a jaguar knight wore clothing to imitate a jaguar. The jaguar was a symbol of the night, a prowler, and a predator, an appropriate model for an elite warrior. Jaguar prowl knights are usually decipted carrying a shield and a sword of obsidian.

Jaguar Prowl Knight In-Game Edit

The jaguar prowl knight is an Aztec infantry unit with a big attack, lots of hitpoints, and no range. It is good against cavalry and heavy infantry, and can be related to as a halberdier-skirmisher hybrid because it shares their bonuses. Jaguar prowl knights have the stealth ability which can be used to sneak up to skirmishers and cannons without being completley destroyed, unleash a sneak attack on an enemy base, an invisible meatshield, and many other innovative uses. As with all Aztec units, their effectiveness is maximized if war dance is used.

Base Statistics Edit

  • Type: Hand Infantry, Heavy Infantry Heavy Infantry, Infantry Infantry
  • Cost: 120 food Resource food, 30 gold Resource gold, 1 population
  • Build XP: 15
  • Kill XP: 15
  • Hitpoints: 230
  • Speed: 4.5
  • Resists: 10% Melee Melee
  • Siege Attack: 36 Siege Siege Damage, 6 Range Range
  • Hand Attack: 18 Melee Melee, x2 vs Cavalry Cavalry, x2 vs Light Infantry Light Infantry, x3 vs Heavy Infantry Heavy Infantry

Upgrades Edit

The jaguar prowl knight has champion and legendary upgrades. Like all normal units that can only be trained from Fortress age and onwards, they get the elite/veteran/disciplined upgrade automatically. However, to further improve their combat abilites, they also have home city cards to upgrade their statistics.

  • Knight Attack: +15% Attack
  • Knight Hitpoints: +15 Hitpoints
  • Knight Combat: +15% Attack, +15% Hitpoints
  • Scorched Earth: +50% Siege Attack Siege Damage
  • Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl Support: +25% Attack
  • Fencing School: -40% Train Points

Other notes Edit

The Jaguar Prowl Knight is the most powerful single population slot unit in the game, but as such it is also the most expensive.