Japanese samurai mercenary that inflicts heavy area damage.

  • Cost: 400 gold
  • Hitpoints: 540
  • Speed: 4.5
  • Resists: 40% Melee

bonuses x3 vs abstract cavalry

Name Damage Range Rate of Fire
BuildingAttack 120 0 3
CoverBuildingAttack 60 0 3
CoverHandAttack 29 0 1.5
DefendHandAttack 58 0 1.5
GuardianAttack 58 0 1.5
MeleeHandAttack 58 0 1.5


In the Asian Dynasties expansion, the Japanese have the option of buying Hatamoto Samurai for 290 Export, which are essentially Ronin that upgrade themselves. The Imperial Age Hatamoto has an attack of 119 melee with 3x vs. cavalry and 1.8 vs. light infantry, making them the uncontested best infantry unit in the game.

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