The most-feared and powerful division in the Aztec army was made up of skull knights. Their name, Tzitzmitl, translates as "frightful specters." The skull knight dressed as a
Legendary Skull Knight

A skull knight in white.

kind of undead horror wielding a large wooden stick with obsidian ends, and enemies often fled at their advance.

Skull Knight In-Game Edit

The skull knight is a slow moving, elite infantry unit with a lot of hitpoints and no range. It is very effective against cavalry, light infantry and buildings, making it similar to the doppelsonder. However, unlike the doppelsonder, the skull knight can only be spawned from the fire pit, and has no train time upgrades, making it a limited unit. Due to the limited nature of the skull knight, they have cards which make them better than the doppelsonder. Also, the Aztecs have the war dance to further improve their combat ability.

Base Statistics Edit

  • Type: Hand Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Infantry
  • Cost: 250 gold, 2 population
  • Build XP: 25
  • Kill XP: 25
  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Speed: 4
  • Resists: 0.20 Melee
  • Siege Attack: 72 Siege, 6 Range
  • Guardian Attack: 20 Melee
  • Hand Attack: 20 Melee, 2 Damage Area, x3 vs Cavalry, x2 vs Light Infantry

Upgrades Edit

The skull knight's combat ability improves through the ages, although there are other cards in the Aztec home city that affect the skull knight.

  • Knight Hitpoints: +15% hitpoints
  • Knight Attack: +15% attack
  • Knight Combat: +15% attack, +15% hitpoints
  • Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli Support: +1 Damage Area